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Summary: With the resident evils at all-time low, Buffy and Willow and Tara have time to focus on themselves both on their new relationship and on their new powers.

As they discuss the prospects of moving in together, an intriguing buy at an estate sale brings an unexpected result.

She is now giant-size; the others believe it was because her ex-boyfriend is a 'Thricewise' but Dawn remains quiet on the topic.

The two have been feuding since the destruction of Sunnydale.

Elsewhere, General Voll and his assistant discuss possible plans to destroy Buffy and her Slayers, from Amy Madison to a nuclear bomb.

It's revealed Voll has the same symbol as the victims Buffy found earlier.

A government expedition is being led sixty feet under the Hellmouth, but is cut short when one of the exploratory members encounters something.

Buffy takes a break from studying the symbol to talk to Dawn.

It is revealed the government is working with Amy Madison who wants to destroy the Slayers. Giles and Buffy, in different locations, are both disappointed in the fighting techniques of the Slayers they are training. Buffy compliments the Slayer Satsu on her skills and hair.

In Southern Italy, Andrew is outside with a group of Slayers.

Willow Rosenberg appears to force Amy to stop the zombies.

The figure in the duster and red shirt is revealed to be Ethan Rayne, a former friend of Giles and chaos-worshipping sorcerer.

This gives her the perfect leverage for the location of her friend, as Willow will be able to heal them. Buffy learns they are two miles south of Sunnydale.

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