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Do you want to enable or disable the built-in inactive window scrolling feature in Windows 10?

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You have to uninstall it first, or stumble upon the reason like I did, and re-compile before re-running.

I noticed that the sample was only working right after a re-compile.

One of your comments refers to %errorlevel% but it's not clear why this is relevant.

If you are initiating this from a batch file or similar then this is useful information to add.

By default, registry manages its processing during an active session on the computer.

We have seen how to disable background refresh of Group Policy last month. Come to the right pane of the subkey created above, create a new DWORD using Right click - An Electrical Engineer by profession, Kapil is a Microsoft MVP and a Microsoft Content Creator.

So basically it was a test bug/lack of intrinsic Wi X knowledge.

So, always uninstall your MSI before re-running it unless you are specifically trying to trigger upgrade behavior.

Also for most users, this is fine, in some environments, system administrators may want to disable background refresh of registry and background updates can disrupt the user, cause a program to stop or operate abnormally, and, in rare cases, damage data. Press Windows Key R combination, type put in Run dialog box and hit Enter to open the Local Group Policy Editor.

The registry key value's isn't being updated with its intended data by Wi X Toolset for a MSI. If the k:v's data is set to 0, it ignores it completely, which is the actual problem here (I think) The basic goal is to verify this registry key value exists with the intended data-value before installation, and the reboot prompt triggers if the key had to be added/updated.

As said before, inactive window scrolling feature is built in to Windows 10 and enabled by default.

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