Why interracial dating is bad

She told him in no unquestionable terms, “Don’t you bring no little nappy-headed dark girls in my house no more.” He’s now married to a White woman.Of course, there are Black folks who are against interracial dating because they harbor their own bigotry toward White people and they’re just not here for it.It’s entirely possible for a white person to be my ideal partner, but when I date people who are racially similar, I find there are fewer racial blind spots.

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, there was one particular episode I was told I needed to watch because it was by far the funniest of the entire season: episode 8, “Thanksgiving.” Rather than having the story resolve around Ansari, the show pushed his homegirl Denise (played by Lena Waithe, who also wrote that episode) into the role of protagonist.

The backstory explores their lifelong friendship, but the episode’s central focus centers around the stages of Denise grappling with her lesbian identity and the difficulties of revealing the truth of who she is to her mother, Catherine (played by Angela Bassett).

Two scenes later, we see Catherine confessing to her sister Joyce (Kym Whitley) that she never thought she would have a gay daughter. Well, I just hope she don’t bring home no White girl, because I don’t wanna see no Jennifer Anistons up in here!

Joyce reassures her that she has raised an intelligent, hard-working, respectful young woman, therefore making her private life “nobody’s business.” At one point during the earnest back and forth, Joyce says, “Well, get used to it, because one of these days she gon’ bring home one of her little girlfriends! ” In a world where prejudice, racism and bigotry are all used interchangeably without little nuance or context, and the racial animus of the historically privileged is frequently falsely equivocated with the perpetually marginalized, it’s easy to perceive Catherine’s comment as symbolic of her ignorance.

Just as there are Black folks who propagate the merits of interracial dating not as a cultural statement, but rather under the simple guise that you should love who you love, regardless of their race.

But as the nation finds itself confronting more and more interracial relationships in an age of extreme racial politics, it’s time to unpack the racial divide with much-needed nuance.

He seemed uncomfortable with reminders that he experienced privilege.

He couldn’t really offer advice, not because he didn’t want to but because he had never been in my position.

From a young age, Denise had always acutely aware that she lived in a family and a community in which being queer is framed as a bad choice resulting from inadequate parenting.

After Denise initially comes out to Catherine, her mother reacts with shock, disbelief and disappointment.

“And Denise, you a Black woman, so you gonna have to work three times as hard.” For some Black folks in America, the complicated reality of protecting your loved ones is less about understanding what they want and more about shielding them from a world looking to tear them down.


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