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Just as the educated black character balances out the "hood" black character in tv and film, so too must we have diversity in the gay images that are presented to those looking for gay celebrities with whom they can identify.February 19, 2009 PM There is no ONE absolute understanding of homosexuality SO you can not judge or lambaste him because the view he subscribes is different than the one you subscribe to.

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Do you feel like it is an excuse for homosexuality?

I think it is a reason for a lot of people's lifestyles that they choose.

I really don't care about the next person two blocks from here that wants to know and because they don't, they think that I'm keeping a secret--no. I've never been the victim of abuse and my heart goes out to him for having to deal with such an unfortunate ordeal.

We all possess sexuality and we all possess the ability to be sexual with whoever we choose to be and that is not all of who we are. I think sometimes people get hung up on that and it takes away from someone's true purpose. But I believe it's sends a potentially dangerous message.

But when someone implies that a demonic spirit attached itself to their person or they made a choice to be a homosexual(btw who in their right mind would choose to be gay in this society???

) whether due to abuse or free will publicly, then the public will no doubt have a reaction to these kind of statements and that reaction will not always be a positive one. February 19, 2009 PM I find it hard to believe that anyone would "choose" to be gay.February 19, 2009 PM You know,we as gay brothers have to be careful that we are not overly judgmental or cynical about our brothers who choose to believe that there is a choice in being gay.Now for Rahsaan,because he was abused when he was a child,has a plausible argument.We all have chosen/discovered different ways to cope with and come to terms with who we are as same gender loving individuals—that is the beauty of self-discovery.As long as he is content and living authentically in his sexuality who are you, or I for that matter to, to judge him for that. I don't think anyone is "lambasting" Rahsaan for his "choice".You may choose to be sexually involved, but not your orientation.


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