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Laurene Powell was a new MBA student and sneaked to the front of the lecture and started up a conversation with Jobs, who was seated next to her. Their son, Reed, was born September 1991, followed by daughters Erin in 1995 and Eve in 1998.

Laurene is also the stepmother of Lisa Brennan-Jobs, Steve's daughter from a previous relationship. Powell Jobs co-founded Terravera, a natural foods company that sold to retailers throughout Northern California.

Because Emerson is formed as a limited liability company rather than a foundation, it has the flexibility to do more than make grants to nonprofit groups.

It can support advocacy groups, launch its own activist campaigns and contribute to political organizations.

"We have a wait list of five cities where we'd like to open up centers," Powell Jobs has said.

"We want to keep our standards high, though, and are reluctant to grow through franchising or through dissemination of our curriculum and training." In 2004, Powell Jobs founded the Emerson Collective, an organization that supports social entrepreneurs and organizations working in education and immigration reform, social justice, media and journalism and conservation through partnerships, grants and investments.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' widow Laurene Powell Jobs is dating Adrian Fenty, according to reports.

The 49-year-old, who inherited an estate worth nearly £6.5billion, has begun a romance with the former mayor of Washington.

Her 130-employee collective doesn't seem to conform to traditional models of philanthropy, The Post says, assembling a who's-who of practical progressives, including Arne Duncan, education secretary in the Obama administration, Russlynn Ali, assistant education secretary for civil rights in the Obama administration, and Andy Karsner, assistant energy secretary for renewable energy in the George W. The collective, as The Post describes it, is "equal parts think tank, foundation, venture capital fund, media baron, arts patron and activist hive." The collective invests in private companies not because the goal is to make money but because, she says, Silicon Valley has demonstrated that "amazing entrepreneurs who …

are 100 percent aligned with our mission" can help find solutions that might elude a nonprofit.

But Brennan-Jobs' new autobiography offers some new color to her interactions with her stepmother, including one telling vignette recounted in The New York Times' profile of her on Thursday.

Though she spent her childhood with her mother, Chrisann Brennan, Brennan-Jobs went to live with father and stepmother in the 1990s when she was in high school.

Laurene Powell Jobs (born November 6, 1963) is an American businesswoman, executive and the founder of Emerson Collective, a social impact organization that, among other investing and philanthropic activities, advocates for policies concerning education and immigration reform, social justice and environmental conservation.

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