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She was a partner of the agency with Ari Gold, who owned 51%.

She played recurring characters on shows such as Civil Wars and L. Her career is still going strong, and she is currently playing Maggie in the TV Land series Younger.

In 2002, the now 53-year-old married Italian TV personality Gabriele Corcos.

She kicked him out of the house and when Andrew comes back looking for important notes needed for signing Aaron Sorkin, she sets them on fire.

Andrew later drives his car into the living room and he is sent to jail.

Before playing a successful talent agent on TV, Beverly was known as the beautiful blonde wife of Clark Griswold in the National Lampoon Vacation movies.

At 65, the actress is still looking fabulous and is currently playing National Security Advisor Gregson in the new USA series Shooter.

She often spent her time playing tennis in Beverly Hills. Although she had appeared in other shows, this was her first big break.

She is still doing pretty well for herself, and after reviving her role as Mrs.

In the fifth season, we found out that they did indeed get together and that Dana still had feelings for Ari.

He romantically told her that if he ever decides to cheat on his wife, that it would be with her.

In the seventh season it is revealed that Andrew is now in rehab for his “addiction” and that he also paid for “professional women” using the company’s funds.

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