Who is dr travis stork dating

There was a study in England in 2014 that stated that most of the advice the doctors were giving was supported by evidence but at least 24% was unfounded, creating a slight controversy. When he isn’t busy on the small screen, he likes to be outside and active.His favorite pass times include kayaking, mountain biking and hiking.

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Whatever your desires are, you can find a community.” This is how Travis keeps his feet on the ground.

There are many reasons for why Travis became a physician.

Travis takes pride in his physical appearance and likes to maintain as healthy a lifestyle as he possibly can.

Considering he is a doctor, we would expect no less of him.

I worked hard, and my record speaks for itself.” Travis Lane Stork was born in Colorado.

He attended Duke University for his undergraduate studies, followed by medical school at the University of Virginia.

Travis said, “About 20 years ago, after some basketball injuries, I developed severe arthritis in both of my big toe joints.

Ultimately, I had to have surgery in both, but unfortunately, it didn’t go very well.” In the hopes of getting the pain under control, Travis decided to undergo physical therapy instead of another surgery.

“What I didn’t expect was coming back and then feeling like I then had to justify all the hard work I put in.

Because I worked really hard in med school and residency.

He proceeded to do his hospital residency at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

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