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He became a member of National Celebrity Cabinet in March 2010. Furthermore, there are no details regarding his body measurements.He has a net worth of $ 8 million and his salary is 9,000 per year. Penn is currently active on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Blair, the Veronica, inspires fear; Serena, the Betty, inspires envy. K., you can go to Columbia [University] one day a week.

When they started to cast the show, Savage and Schwartz looked at online message boards, where fans of the book series had already decided that Lively—known at this point primarily for her role in 2005’s Lively was not completely sold, though. After the first year [of the show], it’ll quiet down.

Waldorf is a brunette queen bee—controlling, poised, meticulous.

Van der Woodsen, by contrast, is the blonde, effortlessly cool free spirit.

He spent his childhood in Woodlake, Virginia, and Seattle, Washington. Penn started pursuing his acting career at the early age of 11.

His first work was a voice work for the video game ‘Mario Golf 64’.

But ’s creators and show-runners, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, already had the beaches of Newport in their rearview mirror, with their sights on a next project.

They had been sent Cecily von Ziegesar’s popular ] and its kind of crazy four-year run that we wanted to take and apply to something moving forward, and we were really excited about doing something in New York,” Schwartz said over lunch in Los Angeles this past winter.

But the premise of the series—an anonymous blogger, who goes by “Gossip Girl,” monitors the goings-on of a small group of glamorous Upper East Side high-schoolers—predicted, to an almost eerie extent, what was to come for our culture.


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  8. – After he left SM Entertainment he audited for CUBE Entertainment. – Jinho participated in a Musical called “All Shook Up”. – Shinwon, Jinho, Kino, Yeo One, Yuto, and Wooseok were cameos in the drama Age of Youth 2. – On August 22, 2018 Cube announced on Pentagon’s official social media that Yanan will go on hiatus due to his health. – Yuto, Shinwon, Jinho, Kino, Yeo One, and Wooseok were cameos in the drama Age of Youth 2. – E’Dawn, Hui, and Wooseok, wrote the lyrics for ‘Never’ for Produce 101, which was a big hit.

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