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“I have over a hundred email addresses of people who have attended the dating program at some point,” she says.

And they are proving eager to seek her advice and support as they continue navigating the world of online dating.

It’s okay to put yourself out there and experience some fun and even rejection,” Cubero explains.

For Williams, the sweetest sign of success is when a person drops out of the program.

“Just recently, two people wrote to tell me they wouldn’t be coming anymore because they had found someone.

They were thankful for the continued support she provided.

Williams fields constant follow-up questions via email from patrons as well.

Once again, her initiative was a success: Three neighboring town libraries have now hired her to present the class to their patrons.

The online dating portion of the class addresses general pros and cons of several top dating sites, and delves into the nitty-gritty.

In the classes, app users are also strongly encouraged to share the name and address of where they are meeting someone from a dating site with a trusted friend or relative.

Cubero’s support of online dating extended well beyond the course offering: Patrons privately asked for her help and opinion on their profiles on a daily basis during her tenure at the Westport branch.

“I like to make sure people understand there is something for everyone,” says Arents.

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