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I'm Ratip, but friends call me Sprite, Naen, Nanny. I'm ready to teach you Thai and everything you want to know about Thailand.

I’m looking for native languages (English, Japanese, or others) for exchange languages, ideas and other.

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Premium subscriptions cost $30-120, K1 Visa costs $2,025, one way ticket to Bangkok costs something like $800 — who said that dating an American woman is cheaper?

Messaging app company Line continues to build out its business beyond its core chat experience after it launched a You Tube-like video service in Thailand.

Read our reviews of the best Thai dating websites and see for yourself! But don't over-use them, because no one likes flattery! It's almost impossible to put that beauty into words — you have to see it to understand what we're talking about. Thai ladies are family-oriented, they respect traditional gender roles, and they are perfect mothers and wives. There is a stereotype about uneducated women from Southeast Asia… They are fun and interesting to talk to, and they are really smart.

As we've said, the women from Thailand believe that we the foreigners are much better than the men from their own country — so let's not debunk this stereotype. Some people think that there are two things all the Asian mail order brides want: money and Green Card. Thailand is not a poor country, and the ladies don't suffer from a low level of life here.

If you have questions about dating a Thai woman, you've certainly come to the right place.

Read this short guide and know everything you need about Thai mail order brides, dating websites, and about offline and online dating!

I am Thai people interesting in English language for travel around the world.

You teach me in English i will teach you Thai language.

The app — which was soft-launched a few months ago — is free to use and doesn’t contain banner ads.


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