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To request debt validation, send a written request to the debt collector within 30 days of being contacted by the collection agency.The answers to these frequently asked questions about debt validation will help you better understand the process.

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Once the debt collector receives your validation request, they cannot contact you again until they've provided you with the proof you've asked for.

The best way to send your debt validation request is via certified mail with return receipt requested.

The collector cannot resume collection activity until it responds to your dispute.

Technically, you can send a debt validation letter after the 30-day validation period.

Under the FDCPA, this is allowed as long as the notice is made in writing. In any case, you can send your request for debt validation regardless of receiving the debt validation notice from the debt collector.

Make sure you send the request before the 30-day period has ended to ensure your rights are protected.​ When you send your validation request, you should send it via certified mail with return receipt requested.Or maybe you weren't sure the collector had the right to collect the debt.You have the right to ask them to send proof of that debt, the amount they claim you owe, and their legal ability to collect the debt from you.During the 30-day period, the collector can continue attempts to collect the debt from you until it receives your validation request.To be legally valid, your request for proof must be made in writing.You should also report violations to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).


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