Updating windows 98 programs

) and after the blue bar reaches 100% and then I think it goes into the checking system, the 2nd part, and that's when I get the error message: "Setup could not check the hard drives on your system.

You must check your drives before Setup can continue" Then is says to run Scandisk /All by rebooting into the DOS mode. I rebooted or restarted Windows, and tried doing the Update again. Then I realized I had a D:drive (second partition on one drive).

I have a PC that, believe it or not, I actually need to "Update" from regular Windows 98 to Win98SE. But, every time I tried I get the following Error Message.

Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't provide a direct path to upgrade to Windows 10, but you can still make the jump and leave behind Windows Vista for good.

However, it's a process that requires that you do a full backup of your data and perform a clean installation of Windows 10. If you're still using Windows Vista, it's likely that your computer has low hardware specifications, considering today's standards.

You must check your drives before Setup can continue" As I suggested at PM EST, it should be fairly easy to try undoing the mapping to see if this could be a problem. I tried unmapping the drives and japman was right, it didn't make any difference, got same error still. The Windows SE update installed without any problems now, and, it seems to be working fine. Scandisk is certainly a useful utitlity when you want it, but a real pain when you don't. /ir Tells Windows Setup not to attempt to write to the boot sector. /p switches These switches can be used alone, or in groups.

Then japman reiterated the suggestion, although he said it shouldn't make any difference. So I used the information Bill DL supplied and ran Setup without scanning the drives (I had scanned them using the Scandisk utility prior to running Setup but this didnt's help). Keep a hold of those switches, you may need to use them some time in the future. This should only be used when the anti-virus protection in CMOS cannot be disabled. You must boot using the Startup disk, SYS your hard drive, then boot normally to allow Setup to finish. /it Setup will not check for the presence of "dirty" or "deadly" terminate-and-stay-resident programs (TSR's) that are known to cause problems with Windows Setup. For example, you could type: setup /p f or you could type setup /p f;t:temp;a.

At maximum level (3), it sows all the resources of the detected devices along with the progress bar.

/p i Tells Setup not to report the existence of a Plug and Play BIOS.

After April 11, 2017, your device will no longer receive any more maintenance, including security and performance updates, and Microsoft won't provide any kind of support.

If you want to avoid your computer quickly becoming vulnerable to viruses and other security risks, you should start planning to upgrade.

You can get a copy of Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro at the Microsoft Store.

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