Iphone xxx chatroom - Updating table of contents changes font

The font and size can be adjusted by highlighting the text as you normally would in a Word document, then going to the Home tab to select a font, size, color, etc.

Access advanced font customization options by clicking on the More Options icon.

You will learn how to insert a table of contents into your document, modify and update it just in a few clicks.

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In this example, the TOC entries are all in red and there’s a change bar to the right of the TOC. To fix it, turn off Track Changes (Review tab), then update the TOC again (see below for how). Super easy with an immediate reduction in stress related to things going wrong with your document just before your deadline ;-) The second issue relates to why the new tables/figures, sections etc.

that you’ve added to the document aren’t appearing in the TOC/LOT/LOF, or why your changes or deletions aren’t reflected in the TOC/LOT/LOF.

To update a TOC: To update a LOF: Same procedure as for updating a LOT, but for step 2, you click anywhere inside the List of Figures first. If you’ve inserted or deleted a table or figure, then it’s possible that the table or figure caption won’t get listed in the LOT/LOF.

Dealing with the table/figure Track Changes by accepting/rejecting them usually sorts this out.

To rectify you can try to go to the exact heading on the body and not on the table of contents (e.g 4.1 introduction).

Place the cursor on the heading then on the home tab and paragraph section click on the numbering icon that has been highlighted.(adapted from a ‘Writing Tip’ email I recently sent to work colleagues [Word 2007 environment]) *************** Bottom line: Before releasing your document, turn off Track Changes then update the Table of Contents, List of Tables, and List of Figures so that they reflect the current headings, captions, and page numbers.Some recent questions from my authors have related to updating the Table of Contents (TOC), List of Tables (LOT), and List of Figures (LOF), common things that can go wrong when doing so, and how to fix them. You had Track Changes turned on when you updated the TOC.A table of contents in Microsoft Word is based on the headings in your document.Headings formatted with the H1 style become main topics, while headings formatted with H2 become subtopics.Visit Stack Exchange I've got a document I'm working on in Word 2010 that uses numbered headings.


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