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I've found a solution that I can understand and implement here ... Issue occured with VBox versions 5.2.24, 5.2.26 and 6.0.4, didn't test any other versions.

On that blog there is also a link to Linux, where the topic is also discussed. I have logs from all versions, am only including the latest: You don't have to rerun any make jobs, there's a source incompatibility with the new kernel, see https:// ...

updating slackware 14-51

Slackware tends to be less volatile than most distros, but yes, something always breaks.

Each time I create a check list to remind me of what I need to do and what needs testing.

With free/libre software, updating almost anything often means something breaks. Yes, I am aware that updating proprietary operating systems often results in breakage too. Updating any operating system results in something breaking. That is one of the great attractions of free/libre software, particularly Slackware. That design model means I am the one who chooses how to customize the system to my taste and not some upstream developer or marketing wonk.

A challenge with customizing is that each little tweak moves the final product further from the original stock product.

Generally, the rapid pace of development is hurting software.

I wish developers would slow the pace to allow people to breath.That additional complexity adds a few twists and turns compared to updating only a desktop.Because all of my Slackware systems are 32-bit, there is no way to update from 14.1 32-bit to 14.2 64-bit.So, I'm locking this one, please continue the discussion in: [Fixed] vboxdrv build failure, VBox 5.2.26 32-bit, kernel 4.4.168 (#18315).All computer systems in the house are now updated to Slackware 14.2 64-bit. Despite Slackware being my primary operating system, I found updating from 14.1 to 14.2 to be a frustrating journey. Traditionally new Slackware releases came at a pace of about 9 months.That means updating a system presents many opportunities for breakage.

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