Iandian xxx online chat live - Updating pirated vista

Windows XP and Vista had harsh limitations here, Windows XP had Windows Genuine Advantage pushed as a Windows Update, and that could potentially lock users out of their computers.

If getting rid of all those nag screens just requires a few clicks and a credit card number, no wonder Microsoft wants to encourage pirates to upgrade!

Yes, there are obviously tricks Windows pirates use to bypass the genuine Windows notification.

Before Service Pack 1, Windows Vista’s reduced-functionality mode only let you use Intenret Explorer for an hour at a time.

Windows 7 softened things even further, and they stayed softened in Windows 8 and 8.1.

Microsoft also won’t offer you phone support and other help for Windows if you haven’t paid them for your copy.

This sounds obnoxious — and it is — but let’s list the things that continue working normally instead.

That’s something MIcrosoft seems to be working on with Windows 10, hence why they want to make it easy for all those non-genuine copies of Windows to upgrade.

Microsoft says there will be an easy process to buy a genuine copy of Windows in the Windows Store app and have the PC automatically repair itself to make sure everything is secure.

This is only something you have to worry about if you build your own PC or upgrade to a different copy of Windows — if you install Windows yourself, in other words.


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