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I installed the update and afterwards I was asked if I wanted to remove the older version, which I acknowledged. I downloaded Java 11 from:https:// I click on the downloaded file jdk-11.0.1_osx-x64_bin.dmg, a setup routine is executed. So, big question: I installed jre-10.0.2_osx-x64_from: https:// 10.0.2 is installed. I guess that I'll just have to ignore this message? Some time ago I commented here that Mac will give up Java support, and Oracle does not seem to care about that.

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At runtime, when you launch an Adobe application, you are prompted to install Java if it is not already installed.

If you do not install Java before running an Adobe application, there can be missing or improperly behaving features.

Click Repair Now or Update button to update the location and resolve the issue.

When prompted for password, enter your system password to complete.

As of Android Studio 2.2, the IDE comes bundled with a custom Open JDK build which contains a bunch of additional fixes to make the IDE work better (such as improved font rendering).

If you've configured the IDE to use a custom JDK in the past, you should consider removing those configurations now and try the embedded JDK.

If you encounter any issues, install Java to correct the problems.

Adobe recommends that corporate IT organizations pre install Java (or make sure that Java can be installed through their firewalls/security) to avoid conflicts with Adobe applications.

I had to install 10 again, which currently is being used: going to happen.


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