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Ben Santer, Jessica Hellman, Steve Kelley at Cowles Auditorium- Humphrey School of Public Affairs U of M Energy Transition Lab director Ellen Anderson gave the keynote talk, reviewing the electricity legacy of our country and highlighting the exciting path ahead as the clean energy transition accelerates.

Day 2 focused on the causes and impacts of climate change, and included an hour-long speed dating with scientists from the U.

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AM Arrive and Breakfast AM Welcome from Jessica Hellman, Director of Institute on the Environment “Why Climate Change Education?

” by Kristen Poppleton (PDF 2.2MB) AM “Climate Change Primer,” by Kristen Poppleton, Megan Van Loh, and Jenna Totz (PDF 6MB) AM Lunch PM Next Generation Climate Curriculum Orientation and Lesson 1 Activity - PM PM Daily Reflection – PM Public Forum: Climate Change in the Age of Alternative Facts with Dr.

Thanks to generous donors, we were able to offer 13 scholarships to out-of-state educators to travel and attend this training, which made the cohort from this year diverse in reach, yet people found common ground in the challenges and successes in teaching climate change.

There was time for networking and reflecting, and educators were able to communicate about developing the groundwork to bridge the needs between schools and non-formal education centers.

The U of M’s multicultural campus ensures you’ll be ready to explore and inspire in a global society.

Here, you’ll be encouraged to think critically, grow intellectually, and challenge the status quo.

Curious about your cultural history, traditions, or community?

You can study it all through our extensive cultural studies options. Nothing opens up the world like learning a new language.

Looking for opportunities related to specific cultures?


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