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The mower engine parts are often listed under the engine’s model number rather than the mower’s model number.

To find the engine’s model number, check the engine itself or search for the mower’s model number to find its parts list, which will include the engine.

I encourage people to stick with Ariens, Toro, or Simplicity (Simplicity Signature PRO and Heavy-Duty models only).

Simplicity Signature Pro models are very expensive, professional-grade equipment.

The mower was purchased from a Grasshopper dealer and the factory rep was involved in the delivery etc.

The hour meter showed 1/10 of an hour of usage when delivered a week ago. I've noticed that the engine idles rough and has a hesitation when accelerate. I'm thinking the gas may be old causing the rough idle.

Replace the flywheel key if it’s broken or damaged. The existing recoil starter assembly is usually riveted to the blower housing.

To remove the existing recoil starter assembly, drill the rivets out of the blower housing.

Use the appropriate size of nuts, bolts and washers to secure the new recoil starter assembly to the blower housing.

Most replacement recoil starter assemblies include the proper nuts, bolts and washers to attach the new recoil starter assembly.

Loosen the gas cap so air can flow into the tank but don’t remove the gas cap completely. If the engine keeps running, clean or replace the gas cap.


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