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Seriously, we are completely baffled and frustrated more than words can say.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Also remember to treat the overflow in bathroom sink and shower with bleach also. Hold the flapper open and dump the water in the tank. I explained that we verified they were in the toilet because we've been covering the toilet bowl with saran wrap 24/7 and we can see them coming out from under the rim. I've poured CLR, vinegar, and a bleach mixture daily down the over flow, so I don't know what could possibly be in the rims for them to feed on. If no luck, turn off water to toilet, empty tank clean it really good with 50/50 solution of bleach and water. And you're right, they have to be coming in somehow.

Lots of crud gets in that's hard to reach and drain flies come out of there as well. I also did the hot water thing a couple days ago, I poured pots of it into the bowl while it was flushing, but I hesitate doing it again in the tank as I read that can crack the toilet. Pour some 50/50 solution down the overflow tube as well. I ask my husband why can't they be in the toilet drain that the water runs out through when you flush, and be coming up out of that and exiting through the rim holes, and he looks at me like I'm nuts.

I explained to him that we have no evidence of that in the bowl or the tank, and from what I've read, there's nothing in our toilet they would be attracted to and breeding in - rims are spotless, holes underneath are clean, everything is clean inside and out, and toilet is used and flushed on a regular basis.

But to be sure, we covered the bowl with saran wrap one day and went out to dinner.

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It's only the two of us living here, and like I said, there's no issues with anything in the bathroom, my husband has been in the basement looking underneath where the toilet is for any leaks or any problems, and he sees no issues at all.


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