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The Ten Commandments are, if you will, a summary of this natural law, which reveals all that is good for us.

When the Hebrews, wandering in the desert, failed to obey the natural law inscribed within them, God then gave to them the revealed law — the Ten Commandments.

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Who is it that knows us better than the One who made us?

Because we belong to God who loves us so much, the only way we can be truly free and happy is when we live according to His ways.

So, let us follow the “signs.” The road to life is the right road to be on!

You are indeed a good mother in wanting to teach your children to love God. Mac Kinnon For permission to reprint this article, or to have Grace speak at your event, contact Grace Mac Kinnon at [email protected]

If you can imagine this: On the road to life there are signposts, if you will, and these signposts are the Ten Commandments.

This connection between the commandments and eternal life is clearly demonstrated by Jesus in the story of the rich young man in Matthew’s Gospel.Grace Mac Kinnon holds an MA in theology and is a syndicated columnist and public speaker on Catholic doctrine.Her new book Dear Grace: Answers to Questions About the Faith is available in our online store. Yes, to many the commandments seem so challenging and restrictive, and this is so because we live in a world where at every turn there is the temptation to sin.But like Peter, who could do what seemed like the impossible when he walked on water only by keeping his eyes fixed on Jesus (Matthew 15: 29-30), we too can follow the Lord to our heavenly home.While it is certainly true that many people have this understanding or attitude towards the Ten Commandments, it just so happens that the complete opposite is true.

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