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I've always believed the name of a thing should fit its nature.

When I was three and my sister was born, I was thrilled when my parents bestowed upon her the moniker Adria, which means "a girl with black hair and blue eyes." When I was four and her hair had faded to light yellow and her eyes had changed to green, I was ready to take her back to the hospital to exchange her for a baby who fit the name. Now that I'm older and I've accepted having a sister who no longer fits her name, I've turned my dismay to a particular channel whose name should be changed -- or whose programming should be changed to fit the name -- The (so-called) Learning Channel, or TLC.

I'm not suggesting that TLC slide down the slippery slope to strippers and whipped cream, but TLC's wedding world doesn't seem any more real than the one on Fox.

The parents always beam over the new addition to their family, the religious leader officiating the ceremony always offers a soundbite that praises the couple as an ideal for young people today. Then we follow them through the process from decorating the nursery to breathing through pain in the delivery room.

Perhaps people are learning something from TLC, but are they learning anything worthwhile?

Or, even more disturbing, are they learning gender stereotypes, purposely taught, that should have gone out the door with those 1950s home economics textbooks we've all heard about? If you don't believe me, look at all of those "Story" programs on TLC's daytime programming, when the viewership is primarily female. Next we have "A Dating Story." True, this one beats a lot of the voyeuristic dating shows on other channels.

Roman Polanski, whose new film on the persecution of the French Jewish army officer Alfred Dreyfus is premiering at the Venice Film Festival, is still dogged by a rape case that continues to polarise opinion.

Last year, I met a girl named Jessica on Ok Cupid and we agreed to meet up and go on an adventure date throughout Seattle.The program then followed the new couple's preparations as well as the blind date itself.A Dating Story was created to complement the shows A Baby Story, A Wedding Story and A Makeover Story on The Learning Channel. Latin America and Caribbean: Discovery | Animal Planet | TLC | Investigation Discovery | Discovery Science | Discovery Civilization | Discovery Theater HD | Discovery World HD | Discovery Kids (HD) | Discovery Turbo | Food Network | Discovery Home & Health | HGTV | Mega Europe: Discovery | TLC | Discovery Science | Discovery World | Real Time | Discovery Showcase HD | Fine Living UK & Ireland: Discovery | DMAX | TLC | Discovery History | Discovery Turbo | Discovery Home & Health | Discovery Shed | Good Food Norway: TVNorge (HD) | FEM (HD) | MAX (HD) | VOX (HD) Sweden: Kanal 5 (HD) | Kanal 9 (HD) | Kanal 11 (HD) Finland: TV5 (HD) | Kutonen (HD) | Frii Denmark: Kanal 4 (HD) | Kanal 5 (HD) | 6'eren (HD) | Canal 9 Poland: TVN (Other) (HD) | TVN7 (HD) | TTV (HD) | TVN 24 (HD) | HGTV (HD) | TVN Fabuła (HD) | TVN Turbo (HD) | TVN Style (HD) | Food Network (HD) | TVN24 Bi S (HD) | TVN International | TVN International Extra | NTL | Metro | Discovery Historia | DTX (HD) | Discovery Life (HD) | Canal Discovery (HD) Middle East: DLife | DKids | DMAX | Fatafeat | Quest Arabiya | DTX | Discovery Family India: Discovery (HD) | Animal Planet (HD) | TLC (HD) | Discovery Science | Discovery Tamil | Jeet Prime (HD) | Discovery Kids | Discovery Turbo | DSport Asia: Discovery Science | Food Network Asia | Asian Food Channel | DMAX | Eve | Discovery Asia | Setanta Sports Asia | Discovery Kids Australia & New Zealand: 7food network Eurosport: Channels: Eurosport 1 (UK and Ireland) | Eurosport 2 (Denmark) | Eurosport 3 | Eurosport 4 | Eurosport 5 | Eurosport 4K (Russia) | Eurosport Gold (Russia) | Eurosport Norge (Norway) | Eurosport Pluss (Norway) | Eurosport Asia | DSport (India) | Eurosport 360 Platforms: Eurosport Mobile | | Eurosport Player | Eurosport Events | Eurosport Arabiya Online websites and direct-to-consumer services: Discovery GO (United States | Canada) | DPlay (Europe) Discovery VR | Motor Trend On Demand | Group Nine Media (Seeker | Thrillist | Now This | The Dodo) | | Spoon University | GOLFTV | Joyn | Discovery Kids (UK) | Discovery People | GXT | Ready Set Learn | How Stuff Works | Discovery Geschichte | Switchover Media | | 7'eren | The Voice (TV Channel) | Fine Living (Italy) | Discovery News | Revision3 | Discovery Digital Networks | Focus | Discovery Travel (Channel) | Food2| HGTV Remodels | HGTV Front Door | Eurosport News | Scripps Networks Interactive | SBS Discovery Media | UKTV (50%) | Classic Arts Showcase | Create |MHz World View | NASA TV | WNEO Fusion | World Spanish: Azteca América | Estrella TV | LATV | Mega TV | Mexicanal | Multimedios Television | Nuestra Visión | ¡Sorpresa!| Telemundo | TCT | The Walk TV | The Word Network | WHT News/weather/information: The Local Accu Weather Channel | Cheddar | Doctor Television Network | News Net Sports: Frost Great Outdoors | Pursuit Channel | Rev'n | Stadium Other: The Action Channel | The Family Channel | Justice Network | Qubo | Quest | TBD Ethnic: Asia Vision | Bounce TV | Soul of the South Network Gender: Escape | Grit | Start TV Lifestyle: Ion Plus Music: The Country Network | Heartland International: Arirang TV | Carib Vision | Deutsche Welle | France 24 | KBS America| KEMS | MBC | NHK World | SBS Classic TV: Antenna TV | Cozi TV | Decades | Get TV | Light TV | Me TV | RTV Movies: Movies! In 1998, the channel began to distance itself from its original name "The Learning Channel", and instead began to advertise itself only as "TLC".


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