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The specification and code number together are known as the PRODUCT NUMBER.

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on recent models is four digits and is followed by three characters for year, month and day of manufacture.

Identification of right carburetor requires complete knowledge about every carburetors that is being offered by the company.

The Product Number Label has a 15 digit alphanumeric string that consists of the SPECIFICATION (SPEC) number (11 digits) and the CODE number (four digits).

Tecumseh carburetors will have a manufacturing number stamped on the mounting flange or the body followed by a date code.

Please keep in mind that small engines and the equipment they power have two separate sets of model information.

If you're looking for a replacement engine or a part for your engine, you will need to pull the model information directly from the engine itself.

The most important pieces of information you need when searching for a new replacement engine or parts is the brand name & manufacturer of your product, and its specific model/type information.

Once you have this information, you can either search our website yourself or have a Product Pro find it for you.

Find online illustrated parts lists (IPL's), users' manuals, owner's, and parts manuals and diagrams, repair manuals, for Outdoor Power Equipment or Lawn and Garden Equipment: small engine parts, lawn mowers, lawn tractors, riding lawn mowers, commercial lawn mowers, garden tractors, snow blowers, leaf blowers, lawn sweepers, generators, chainsaws, line trimmers, cut saws, concrete saws, lawn vacs, tillers, power washers, wood chippers and shredders, log splitters - anything with a small gas engine.

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