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This has drawn us closer together and made me like him so much. One day we were in a café having lunch and then I decided to declare my feelings to him.

She had been watching him and hadn’t even known what his eyes looked like as they had been closed the whole time he was wrapped up in pleasuring himself.

His mind began to wonder as he caught another glimpse down her top, he could see her chest moving up and down with her breathe.

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Having been a sprinter in her college years she was toned with no excesses of body fat on her body.

Being the offspring of an Irish father and African American mother her skin color was a light chocolate but what made her stand out from everyone else were her piercing sky blue eyes.

He held me down by the hips as he continued his pussy licking torture. I pulled my pants off and shoved my solid dick straight down her throat.

I wanted this little whore to feel every inch of it. It was so damn good to feel my balls hitting Sue’s lips again and again. I was so rude and passionate as if I was fucking someone else.

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Every glide and swing she made was sex on the dance floor. Sheng wanted to be that guy she was dancing with and he wanted to show her he can play the game too.


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  2. The store's music system was locked onto one channel, so we heard the song about 6 times every day. - Submitted by: Amber Malone The Story: I always feel it's good to be honest about misheard lyrics.

  3. For both of these techniques I just used my fingers to do the filling and molding (wearing medical gloves of course).

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