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40 units of Duralloy Steel 22 units of Titanium Aluminium 28 units of Polymer 28 units of Culsion Inert Gas 28 units of Polysteel Copper (Same resources a Fourth gen.saber.) Combat Level Required: 75 To obtain the Jinsu Razor, you must get the schematic from a NPC called, Aralina Silk (Emperor's Hand).

Type: Melee Range: 0-5m Can Hold: 1 Color Crystal This Lightsaber is gained when the Jedi successfully completes the quest Searching for a Jedi's Weapon.

Schematic Granted at: Force Sensitive Essentials V Combat Level Required: 38 (Update: Jedi now receive a 1st generation lightsaber at level 30, but cannot craft their own until level 38) Profession Required: Jedi Skill Mods: none Damage: 75 units of Duralloy Steel 45 units of Titanium Aluminium 60 units of Polymer 60 units of Culsion Inert Gas 60 units of Polysteel Copper (Same resources as a Fourth gen.

Since its plasma blade was essentially weightless, the weapon produced a gyroscopic effect, and so it was very difficult to handle safely.

Yet this made the weapon ideal for force-sensitive users who's ability to predict the various energy pulsations through the force allowed him or her to compensate for them.

Note: if you find it hard to find Aralina, when the server is about to go down, go and log out behind the starport.

wait for the server to come back up (depends on your server) and you must log in RIGHT WHEN IT COMES ONLINE! she will spawn at the same time as the server comes up and most people will also go for it.

Once the NPC spawns, you will need to hit her at least once.

Don't worry about getting the "killing blow" or even "outdamaging" other players, only one hit is required.

If you die and are within close range of her when she dies, then use the radial menu to get the schematic.


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