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Chávez begins the activity by discussing how 'speed-dating' is an example of the rationalization of intimate relationships between people.

For the rest of the class session students rotate into new pairs every two minutes over a series of short "review dates." During each "review date" students are asked to discuss and find examples for a concept that is given to them on a prompt.

At the end of two minutes they move on to a new "review date" with a different student and repeat the process.

Chávez says that one of the benefits of this activity is that it creates a fun and relaxed learning environment for students who are often nervous about their understanding of the course material heading into the first midterm exam.

Third, we will weave together and apply the work of social theorists to the modern world in which we live in.

We will accomplish these goals by reading original texts and empirical readings to examine how sociologists draw on theory to explain the modern world.

I’ll be priming my brain with coffee, staring at my blank page of plans, and sitting so close to (but not actually opening) a stack of teacher books that they just Instead, these ideas happen late at night, as I’m laying in bed, calculating the hours of sleep I’ll get (and consequently planning my next day’s nap), when I’m driving to the school in the morning, thinking of how “eh” my current plan sounds, halfway through the school day when I’ve already taught the lesson to half my classes and realize how lame it actually is, or sometimes even a whole unit later, when I get random inspiration and mentally file an amorphous idea in the “maybe next year” corner of my brain…the list goes on.

plan in an attempt to coax the creative genius out of its hiding spot.Title of the Course – Social Theory Instructor – Sergio Chávez Department – Sociology Course Number - SOCI 380Intended Student Audience- Undergraduates; Sociology majors and minors Course Description: In this class we will treat social theory as a lens for understanding the modern social world and constructing explanations for changes in society. First, we will consider the role of theory in sociological research.Second, we will examine how the theorists’ ideas were shaped by the social and historical context in which they were produced.I’ll have one of those “eh” plans as a placeholder to alleviate the natural stress of truly not knowing what the H-E-double-hockey-sticks you’re going to do with over 100 children the next day.But then I’ll just sit back, relax, and play the waiting game. I stayed after school to get organized and start planning for next week, even though I didn’t absolutely love my plans for the next day.It had been a simple joke that made them laugh and fake flirt for a few seconds, but now, the idea was rooting itself in my mind as a potential lesson plan.

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