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And if you end up meeting someone through a friend or family member, don’t be a flake and ruin the relationship for your loved one.

I’m getting very close to putting up my own ad on my Instagram stories… Do some research and see if your city has any local matchmakers.

Comment on an interesting book someone’s reading in the park. Everyone you encounter is a potential mate (or friend). There are no two ways about it: Dating when you are sober it’s not easy.

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No one I’m attracted to is ever interested in more than friendship and I’m quick to dismiss most people who show interest in me for silly reasons like different music tastes or being 1.5 inches shorter than me.

I’ve been sober for about 10 months and have been perfectly happy so far to not even consider dating (unless you count my burgeoning relationship with pasta and artisanal ice cream), but a few weeks ago I flipped a switch (which may or may not have to do with my increased Wellbutrin dosage) and my animal brain started demanding sex, which my sober, rational mind interpreted as “let’s try dating again.”My sponsor told me that it’s none of my business why the aforementioned men only want to be my friend, and I find that super annoying because she’s right.

Personally, I’m not a fan of dating apps but these icons make it easier to spot people with similar lifestyles. is a friendship app that has a “sober sister” filter to connect with other sober women.

I love the design, layout, and how it encourages meeting up in real life. Once I got out of the fog of my first few weeks of sobriety, I had a bit of an identity crisis of what my hobbies were and what I liked to do for fun.

The program discourages dating within your first year of sobriety but I’ve found meetings are a good way to meet people face-to-face — my preferred method of meeting someone.

Some meetings have “fellowship” afterward and, for example, go grab dinner and socialize a bit more casually.Refuge Recovery and “Heart of Recovery” are two other fellowships that I’ve tried and liked. Send an email to your support network (make sure to bcc) and let them know you’re looking to date and open to meeting new people.If you can avoid being too picky, include a few sentences about some qualities or types of people you’re looking for.Hinge goes one step further and has a category that denotes drug use.Meet Mindful and Sober Grid could be useful apps, too. I am never married spiritual but not religious mixed man without kids from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


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