Singer featherweight serial number dating

The 221K was black or a shiny white and has a shorter bed.A smaller number of machines in other colors exist, including a light tan color produced in Great Britain and a matte black produced in the United States.The highest-priced machines are in good condition with little wear on the gold leaf, complete with case, attachments, and original manual.

If you have one and would like to know the date that it was manufactured just out of curiosity or if you are trying to fix the machine, you can do so with the serial number. Find the number range that your serial number fits within that corresponds with the two letters that begin your serial number.

Find the serial number on the Singer Featherweight. The serial number will begin with two letters that are followed by six numbers. View the date in which the serial number batch was released by the company.

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The rumored mint-green Featherweight is apparently an alternate description of the white machine, which can have a slightly greenish cast.

Rumors of a red and/or blue Singer 221, reputedly distributors' premiums, have not been verified.Machines in good condition can still be found at bargain prices in garage sales and auction houses.Advertisements in quilters' magazines bring higher prices.This lightweight machine that comes with its own handy case (resembling and roughly the size of an old-fashioned cosmetics case or record case) is also valued for its portability, by those who attend classes and conferences with fellow quilters around the world.Finally, its sleekness, elegance, and mechanical simplicity appeals to the design sense of women and men who appreciate the beauty of color, line, and texture in their quilts. While many existing machines were well-loved and thus well-used, Featherweights are by no means rare.For modern seamstresses, it's too basic, sewing only a straight stitch without even a reverse setting on early models.


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