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The first Detour of the Race was a choice between Fix and Freight. There, they had to fix and assemble an Onthel bicycle's tyre according to the example.

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Leg 9 is also the first leg in all franchises of The Amazing Race where both Yield and U-Turn were present in the same leg.

Casting began on and applications were closed on 30 June 2016 (18 days extended from the original deadline of 12 June 2016).

Similar to the American version, the team that placed last in the non-elimination leg will have to perform a 'Speed Bump' somewhere in the next leg before they can continue with the race.

It was also the first time in The Amazing Race Asia that a U-Turn board was placed at the Detour decision point (in Leg 9), rather than after the Detour itself (the first time this twist was introduced in all franchises was in the tenth leg of the 27th American version).

Wu is paired up with Tara Basro, an Indonesian film actress in hosting this season while in Indonesia.

Beauty queens Parul Shah and Maggie Wilson from the Philippines were the winners for this season, marking the Philippines's second consecutive win in The Amazing Race Asia.Continuing the casting trend of the Asian franchise, the cast once again consisted of numerous local celebrities or their relatives.This is the first season not to feature a team from Hong Kong, but also the first with a Vietnamese team.The Amazing Race Asia is a reality television game show based on the American series, The Amazing Race.The fifth installment of the show returned after a 6-year hiatus. During this time we set up everyone with a name badge, and matching sheet.


  1. A lot of the stuff that they brought up in the personalities and a pairs team trying to get together and liking each other — that happens!

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