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PLEASE Mission: The relic you brought back from the servant's quarters has a keystone in it. The one door with the green tiles has a floor switch for you to stand on.

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PLEASE Mission: Supposedly the queen has a secret hideout under one of the homes in town. Examine the hole in the ground to make the stairs appear. The entrance to this temple is on the left side, just up the stairs. Collect what is in the chest and report in, or continue to explore the temple upstairs.

I created this walk through to show everyone how to get through the missions with tombs.

I didn't make this for people to ask me how to fix their technical difficulties. Pull the statue onto the floor switch to unlock the door. It is hard to see, but if you maximize this picture, you can see there are 3 doors with colored tiles under them in the room you enter when you come down the stairs. Doors with red tiles lead to treasure and are usually dead ends.

My game has NO glitches which means all the missions have worked fine for me, and everything was where and how it was supposed to be. You will need to go down to the second level of the tomb to start this mission. Doors with blue tiles will lead you further into this tomb.

The Sims 3: World Adventures is the first expansion pack for The Sims 3 released on 17 November 2009 in Canada, the US, Australia and Asia, the 19th or 20th in Europe, Africa and China for Windows and Macintosh.

It was the first expansion pack released for The Sims 3.

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Sims are able to vacation in new locations: Shang Simla, Champs Les Sims and Al Simhara.

These new locations are the same size as the neighborhoods of Sunset Valley and Riverview, and their designs are based on the countries of China, France, and Egypt, respectively.

Contrary to common knowledge, police are active in World Adventures neighborhoods; when Sims get robbed in purchased locales, they can call the police, and they come automatically when a burglar alarm goes off. The announcement and release of World Adventures confirmed speculation that expansion packs would be released after The Sims 3, as its predecessors The Sims and The Sims 2 had numerous expansion packs.


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