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Thaw stand occupied rngre space than any other arej was immediately visible from anywhere (n Ihe vast ar$na- TTie stand was a mi Kture o( dig- ptay i OMTtt.

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The first of the newcomers comes from Canon in the form of the BJC600, a 360 DPI bubble jet which was previewed al Live '93.

At £599, the printer is clearly targeting Hewlett Packard's Deskjet 550C.

al will al KJve tha grauid or Irt tha nvrtes 91 unaergrtwnd e8W« , lunntfla aj JKl sawers. Wheiha* ^u'l* a wizard w* war* cr you ioell X)rtophone w Uh a Z, yogll to« ihis magical piec* ol pr Sflrammmg l*om U S Citsd. Challef Tfle up to a i Tiandsor te Jie W tha might 0l 1l» compi Jisr- sola 1 2 skill tev*ls to last aaaatuwd pro's or Birsi tsiiiei'& alike Contains ev«di9i(ir«l Star Wars nwvie saund etiecls. a new generslion (rf spaca mmbat wctmotogy lo challenge Ihe evil Fmpire. .£879 128MB Optical Disk .£39.95 SCSI Controller A2000 ...£129 f lopitcal c/ r ;: f ^ The Floptical stores 20MB of data on a 3,5" disk (a SCSI interface w ricciuircd). , £179 1 60MB .,£249 200MB , ...£349 ide; nternal IS Miniamre jnccmal HD for (he A600/Al200s 8MB Board , .. The drive comes jr choice of two colon r Si hlack and cieam. £1 2 LThe award winning txtetnal disk drive wliii Lncludes Anti-click (cutci: that annoying clitt. This month wave bought up the rigtit to Erpert Braw, an excelleni and easy-to-us« graphlcs/DTP package that's alsii a structured!

Its jour iir« (□ n^a Kfi 01 H What yau wi"^ • Smooth scrslliog. Dtsiray Iha Emparoi^ ultim^l^ weapon •n0«fid his tyranny. Floptical A200O Kit £289 Floptical A500 External .£389 syquest d ri v e 3.5" Removable HD from Svquesi. 3.5" Syquest 1 7ms £739 3.5" 105MB Cartridge £79 We can su^ly SCSI or IDE 3.5" drives in msuiy siaes. PG880B with Bliti Amiga, ,...£60 internal drive £4' PCa82 Amiga 2000 internal drive.. IVit M.'i blocker (prevents viruses) and built- 1 ^backup hardware. x-backu|»p ro EKtreamly powerful disk back-up utility, uses latesr custom chip design. X-Backup Pro £29A6(X)/Ai2(}0 Colour Scanner available so mthfoit naiiit, BMitfl Mi Hfcr tfrc iu*Mu Jft^»i AUprkf S iitda^ VAT. ..£45 Brilliance E1S2 Directo Vy Opus .,....,,,.£49 Scala 50O „,„ .,. £185 Video Director , C1 19 Final Copy II ...„.,,....„,........,, £80 Turbo Print Pro ..,...„ .,.......£39 ITIt Hskt%ti%M9pro ducts Power Mouse ,,....,„,...,.„ .,...£1 S Optical Mouse..,,,., .......,,£29.95 n*placement Optical Mat ., £10 l Oa Branded Disk a * Box £49.99 10 Branded Disks ....£4.99 A1 200 Dustcover.,.,..,,,,. drawing too L DISK 68 PAGE sa We've pulled out all the stops to bring you a completely stun- ning graphics/DTP package that's second to none!Next, there's Magic Boy- Empire's top cutesy platform game.This playable dsmo contains the whole of the first level with you taking the part of the clumsy wizard's apprentice ir^ h'& q-jsst to recapture the escaped: mon- sters. Last but not least we've a playable demo of Team 1 7's new budget release Qwak, a Bubble Bobble tribute that's plenty of fun.til nufi Hgw-t wi M gtnt V Ittil Hidg md h ng«H ■t Mn p«Hi|4M*tt iwii)rnaiiti«™nfl- S*^ y Uu tna Ir BBdofii 1o ma Ka your own Cppicas. Tiie Graphic Adventur B gema tests ynur grey msuter *iih ioirt et lh* toughisi puzzlts Y^. Mt'L'i A 64*t M •Ii IUUni K^ WH«:m b UV i^,hpv Km Si KMBLVBCrvr BENDf TERBfr FDWA-S M AIMJTY . n ■^i UB'2^ Don't believe the hyp^e of other maga^ites!mn/e ardund, snd cri Jla irour own hfwt^ arid earesr path -n Th* rich and d Blail Sd town o1 Mrtlaidiorf. 'C tt Ei m STWint Of ™Si THE WORLD'S LEADING WORD GAME. Individually, Hiey're Iha hottest properly this KM Oi Aqgnte, T«es SW, NU^ Iha jllimal B Indy EKpenence. UC APV&VMw CE «H3 ARE El Sj ECT 70 Tm Hf« f*Tt Of JITUIIItl»r( D t UMLft J-Ji^D powor op t i c a I 12a MB Optical Internal £779 1 28M B O pt i ca I Externa I .„ ... Jifmtificaliifm and frifti srf tnh^ftf so chaitj^ Increase your Amiga's memory to 2MH of ch; RAM, including 2MB 8375 Agnus, e«y to f (internal fitting), unlike every other 2MB chip RAM board currently iivailible you A5C0 trif rnentofj" still works[ fully compatible. OMB RAM board, PCi208 G8882 20MHz £91 power d rives di All Power Computing's disk drives come with a month guarantee. and X-Copy or Cyclone compl bic (this drive 'a, only avaibblc to registered owm of X-Copy Professional). This i&the only place t«i i DOh for the very best in free cnmm Brcial-qualitv software.] ceme, COLOUR PRINTER CD32 IS THE BELLE OF wars in earnest ^^ml^^l^^^M m^0 m m H^H ■^■■■■^■^B ^^1 ^M his mgnth saw unprecedented movement i THE BALL AT LIVE '93 B ntaln's blgg-L-.


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  5. Overall the album is what we’d come to expect from DBSK at that point: solid composition that highlights the shade and depth of their vocal abilities.

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