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After playing for several more teams, he eventually married Latasha (Tasha) Marbury on September 14, 2002.

Marbury went on to have three children with his wife, Xaviera Marbury, Stephon Marbury, Jr, and Stephanie Marbury.

The creepiest occurrence, though, took place when we somehow summoned the remodel of the Taco Bueno on 63rd and May. It’s not quite at an Amy Mc Ree or Tiffany Tatro level, but it still works. I have one of those weird two-handed set jump shots that even Shawn Marion thinks is ugly.

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In case you’re new to the site, the Ogle Influence is this weird phenomenon where we unintentionally predict or foreshadow future events. I think there’s some sort of unwritten rule about posting pictures of babies with hot mom’s in two-piece bathing suits on the Internet, so we did that to be safe.

Some examples of it are The Spy returning (briefly) to the airwaves, the Lingerie Football League wanting to expand in OKC, and Milk on Milk becoming a band. But outside of that minor detail the image appears to be totally real and legitimate.

Marbury was ultimately traded to the New Jersey Nets in a three-way trade in which Terrell Brandon was sent from Milwaukee to Minnesota and Sam Cassell was sent from New Jersey to Milwaukee.

New Jersey Nets (1999–2001) While in New Jersey, Marbury blossomed into an All-Star.

While still attending Abraham Lincoln High School he was one of the subjects of Darcy Frey's book The Last Shot, which followed three seniors and Marbury, a freshman, through the early months of his first season with the school's team.

In high school, he played for the renowned AAU team the New York Gauchos.

Despite his individual accolades, the Nets never made the playoffs during Marbury's time with the team.

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