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Pursuant to JCDC policy, Ware's cell was sealed, and the Jackson County Sheriff's Department was called and advised of Ware's allegation.

Ware was then taken to the JCDC medical clinic and later transported to Truman Medical Center where vaginal swabs were taken from her.

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CO Toomer remained stationed on the same floor where Hylton and other female inmates were housed.

On July 22, 1993, Byler sent Mc Coy a second memorandum regarding CO Toomer's misconduct, this time stating that Hylton had reported that she and CO Toomer were having sexual intercourse and oral sex and that she consented to such activity.

Other Officers' Sexual Misconduct and the County's Response Inmate Jean Stone testified that she was sexually assaulted by JCDC guards on several occasions.

The assaults began soon after her arrest and arrival at the medical housing unit of the JCDC in or around March 1990.

Barth wrote: “This investigation has shown that CO Toomer has not been truthful with us.

Something did occur between CO Toomer and inmate Hylton․ Therefore the Department has no alternative but termination of this employee.” Id. Despite Barth's recommendation, no disciplinary action was taken against CO Toomer.While being transported in the infirmary, CO Johnson touched her breast.Later, she had sexual intercourse with CO Johnson and, on a separate occasion, she had oral sex with CO Michael Williams. § 1291, and the notice of appeal was timely filed under Rule 4(a) of the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure.At trial, Hylton corroborated Dela Cruz's allegations and testified to other incidents in which CO Toomer performed oral sex on her and had her perform oral sex on him, allowed a male inmate to observe her use the toilet, asked her for her telephone number and address, engaged in sexual intercourse with her, and threatened her not to tell anyone about these incidents. CO Keisling wrote the following postscript in the memorandum: “I do think there might be something to this.” Id.Several days later, Byler received a memorandum from Jon Morefield, “investigative specialist” for the JCDC, in response to Byler's second memorandum.


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