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So the phone version can't create picture links, but I guess that's for the best in this case.I was just reading a post about people saying that interacting with people in vr have the same reactions to things as they would in real life.

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It makes many women feel dominated and like they're losing bodily agency.

Contrary to wanting attention, they don't want unwanted touching because they --don't-- want attention.

I'd like to ask any females that can relate: Do you agree and think that VR sexual harassment could actually become a major issue?

It sounds like bullcrap to me, cuz you could just block them and be fine.

Because even if you block them, they've completely derailed whatever was going on and ruined the experience.

I'm not saying they should censor people, but when a user just bounces from group to group and room to room harassing people, I don't see why that can't be stopped.

Sexual harassment CAN NOT be allowed to start anew in VR.

It will be up to the Dev and others in the space to make it painful to be an asshole based on gender.

Btw, I'm a guy and deal with this in RL with some very dear friends. It's tough enough to moderate harrassment in real life I agree.


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