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Most of us travel by plane, train or automobile for vacation or holiday.

If you consider your cats to be a part of the family, you might be tempted to bring them with you on your travels.

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(DO NOT take your cat out of her carrier inside the airport unless asked to by airport personnel.) If your cat has not worn a collar or harness before, get her accustomed to wearing it several weeks prior to travel starting with a few minutes at a time.

Whenever you leave the house with your cat, there is a possibility that your cat could make a fast escape.

For air travel in cargo, we recommend little or no sedation, as cats react differently to medication at high altitudes and may not be closely observed.

Never give your cats a drug not prescribed by your veterinarian.

To help prevent motion sickness, do not feed your cat for four to six hours prior to travel.

Water should be available until the time of travel.

All require an international health certificate within a specific timeframe.

Allow yourself plenty of time to fulfill mandatory requirements and complete paperwork.

However, traveling may be more difficult on your cat than you might imagine.

Some cats are simply not suited for travel because of temperament, illness or physical impairment.

There is usually a limit to the number of cats allowed and a fee. Otherwise your pet will travel in the cargo compartment of the plane.


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