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He goes to Meredith's house to apologize in person for putting newly-sober Amelia in that position, but her response is heartbreaking. So I can't do this with you, not right now, maybe not at all." Mama Avery's Evil Plan Jackson thanks his mother for talking to April even after he told her not to, because whatever she said caused April to reach out to him.

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Eventually, his performances in small parts in CSI: NY and Days of Our Lives brought him to the attention of the casting crew of Men in Trees, in which he played the part of Anne Heche's friend, occasional roommate, and sometimes love interest "Cash".

In 2013, he starred in the films Home Run and Lone Survivor.

Elrod was born into an American military family in Bitburg, Germany.

After moving around the Philippines with his family, he was raised in Parker, Colorado.

He was upset when Joel Miller called in a team of doctors from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to operate, preferring to use the standard chemo and radiation to treat him.

He was upset when Callie left the OR in the middle of surgery and didn't come back right away because she was trying to figure out how to cover a sizable gap in bone.

Still wanting to pursue her, Will came to the hospital and asked Meredith on a date in person.

("Odd Man Out") Meredith agreed to go get drinks, but panicked and cancelled.

Major Thorpe Will Be Back Meredith explains to Major Will Thorpe she freaked out because he's the first person she's been with since she lost her husband, and she's just not ready to date yet.

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