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His generosity knows no bounds if you are someone he has decided to like.

Yes, I do mean decided, he thinks about whether people are worth his time and energy, and if they are on his same wavelength. His sarcasm really stings and he will say anything to hurt you in the heat of the moment.

Some men don’t like to be called sweet, but a lot of are. If he can pull himself together, you can have a nice relationship; or nice life together.

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But Scorpios are good at knowing their own limitations better than most. His emotions are also extremely intense, so intense that at times he can’t even figure them out, and has to take time to sort through his true feelings.

This is especially hard when he is younger, and gets better as he ages and knows himself better.

He is loyal, and will do anything to help any of the members of this special group. A Scorpio will help you clean out your brother’s house, the one who was a hoarder, when all the rest of your friends suddenly have something else to do.

He will go to the vet with you when your 15-year-old dog has to be put to sleep.

There’s an excellent article on dating a Scorpio man available by clicking the hypertext.

The author goes into detail about the sexual phenomenon and personality of Scorpio guys.

(They do)t They will tell you they need you, how life is so much better when he’s living it with you.

He can be the most tender and sweetest man you know.

Are you a female hunting for information about a Scorpio man in bed? Hoping to gain insight into these mysterious people?

If the answer is yes, you've come to the right place. I've written this piece for women because I know there are a lot of ladies interested in this sign.

Being water signs, they have a strong streak of wanting to help others, or to make things better in any matter that is significant to them. Or they may engage in many meaningless hookups, trying to make the pain and confusion hurt less. They are confused, but are also so charming; they can take you down with them if you let them. They are smart, well read and interested in a lot of things.

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