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This included Professor Thomas Wilson, the curator of the Department of Prehistoric Anthropology at the Smithsonian Institution, and others.At the time, they didn’t have the luxury of carbon-14 dating, so they had to use local records, which went back some 250 years.The horns were about 5 centimeters (2 in) in length, pointed, and extended from just above the eyebrows. Donehoo, who was the Pennsylvania state historian, and two professors, A. Archaeologists supposedly came upon some very strange scenes when they started excavating Native American burial mounds around the state of Iowa.

Scientists estimated the person was just over 244 centimeters (8′) tall.

The strange remains were excavated by Edward Kaufman and Edward Gebhart about 0.8 kilometers (0.5 mi) from Miamisburg in an area known to contain artifacts from the early Native American mound builders who lived in the area millennia ago.

Unfortunately, the bones crumbled to dust when brought out into the air, but the team did find many artifacts with the corpse.

These artifacts strongly suggested he was of high status (in more ways than one).

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What apparently really puzzled the archaeologists was that the bones were fossilized, suggesting a very extreme (prehistoric) age.

Another perplexing problem was the creature’s apparent physique, which was allegedly proportioned like a human but had a skull more like that of a gorilla.

The males averaged 213 centimeters (7′) tall, while the tallest was over 274 centimeters (9′).

Most think he was just hoaxing people to make money, but one shouldn’t be so sure considering this list as well as other supposed finds of giants in California and elsewhere around the globe.

The scientists were said to be puzzled by the fact that there was no mention of a people with this type of gigantism in the archives.

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