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At the 2016–17 Junior Grand Prix Final, she became the first junior lady to achieve a total score above the 200 mark.Zagitova has broken the world record once under the old system and four times under the new system and she currently holds the world record for the highest free program score and combined total under the new system.

In the free program, she also placed first and won gold medal.

She set two new world record of 138.02 points for junior ladies' free skating, and 208.60 points for combined total.

Zagitova's international debut came in late August 2016 at a 2016–17 ISU Junior Grand Prix (JGP) competition in Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, France; ranked first in both segments, she won the gold medal ahead of Kaori Sakamoto.

Her total score at the event, 194.37 points, was the second highest ever achieved by a ladies' single skater on the junior level, behind only Polina Tsurskaya.

Zagitova took the bronze medal at her JGP event in Slovenia, behind Japanese skaters Rika Kihira and Marin Honda.

The results qualified her to the 2016–17 JGP Final, held in December in Marseille.Zagitova began her season with a win at the CS Lombardia Trophy, after placing third in the short but first in the free, with a total score of 218.46.For the 2017–2018 Grand Prix Season, Zagitova was assigned to two events, Cup of China and Internationaux de France.At the Olympics team event, the 10 points Zagitova earned for the first place in the ladies' free skating helped Russia to a silver medal in the competition.She scored 158.08, setting a new personal best and breaking the record for the highest ever technical score in ladies' team figure skating.In France, Zagitova ranked first in both segments and scored new junior ladies' records in all categories.

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