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Basically, any site that include Rss or Atom feeds may be shared through Rss graffiti.The RSS feed may be posted on any Facebook wall, be it your profile, Facebook fan page, events, groups, and application profiles.Reread that last bit one more time: “Wall of a page you control.” Like most authors, you should be maintaining an author or book blog as well as have a presence on Facebook or Twitter, so you can engage your fans and keep them abreast of future releases, special offers, sneak peaks, ARC offers, etc.

In the end, the goal is to simply post to your blog and let RSS Graffiti do the rest of the work for you!

If you have an installed version of Word Press for your blog, then there is a Word Press plugin that you should already have installed: Tweetable.

If using Word Press, you will find the link usually at the bottom. Inside the Facebook app, select the Fan page on the left side you wish to configure (it will have a gray circle next to it when it is not installed on that page): Follow the prompts to get RSS Graffiti added to the Fan Page.

After it is enabled, you will have the ability to add a new feed (the below image is with a feed already added): When you click to add a feed, you will be presented with the configuration options.

Sync your business website with your business's Facebook profile by adding an RSS feed to your Facebook box tabs.

Any time you make an update on your website's blog or via Twitter, a link to the entry will appear on your business's Facebook page without any further action on your part.

First, install the RSS Graffiti app inside of Facebook.

Second, find the RSS feed for your blog’s recent posts.

Blog posts may be easily shared by installing a Facebook share button, and using it to post updates.

But, this action has to be completed every time a new blog post is created.

It has helped me save a tremendous amount of time in posting artblog updates, and the few minutes spent setting it up was well worth it.

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