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The three episodes were created to be shown together in the form of a feature-length pilot, with the hope that if they were well received, a series of episodes following the same stand-alone half-hour format would be produced later.

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According to Gifford, HBO were trying to emulate the success of the anthology series Tales from the Crypt, but "they wanted sexier or comedic pieces, not serious sex and not satire exactly, but something else." "Blackout" was written in just two days, to replace a script by David Mamet that Montgomery wasn't satisfied with.

Gifford's script was only 17 pages long, but Lynch's cut of it came in at 47 minutes, by far the longest of the three episodes.

The same bellboy and maid are featured in each story, as if they do not age.

Barry Gifford wrote and Lynch directed the first and third episodes; Lynch had previously adapted Gifford's Wild at Heart novel to film.

It’s clearly working.” He said the company continues to work on what will be its “VR Holodeck” experience. “Now you will see an actual VR product in parallel to our AR products.

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Mankind captured it, and gave it shape and passed through.

And sometimes when passing through, they found themselves brushing up against the secret names of truth." Each story stars a new cast, and takes place in a different year, but is confined in the room 603 of the Railroad Hotel, located in New York City.

As for Naughty America’s virtual reality 180-degree porn videos, Hronopoulos said, “It’s huge.


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