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Of course not everyone will be your cup of tea but it’s a great way to break the ice when it’s so hard to meet people in Sydney.

The venue (Cohibar) was welcoming and cosy and the host was friendly. Friendly and informative hosts whereby nothing was a problem.

Thanks SDAA very well organised and professional Company ,hard a great experience at the speed dating event meeting a lot of interesting people , Also enjoyed the food and catching up a like minded people after the event.

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If you like quirky characters and situations, you might have fun with it, but just keep in mind that when they say “speed dating,” they aren’t joking.

"After years of online dating I decided to try MTN and walked In and met Maureen. We had a nice hour long Interview and the very next week I got a bunch of emails and already been on…"NYC's Best Dating Coaches.

There is some narration, but it mainly focuses on dialogue from the ghosts.

You pick your dialogue from the options presented, and your dialogue choices determine what happens next.

Some are funny, some are sentimental, and a couple get rather dark.

All of the stories are standalone, and aside from one ghost who appears in another’s date, the characters rarely interact.

This kind of dating allows you to see if chemistry is present quickly, rather than spending weeks chatting online and committing lots of time to one date. A great way to meet single men, beats online dating any day too!

Met over 15 guys & had a chance to chat more in the break too. I felt so relaxed and comfortable meeting new men from all different walks of life. I now have 2 dates and 8 new male potential friends that could have male single friends that I could meet.

This is a bit disappointing, since a game with such a charming cast seems perfect for entertaining banter., which is how short it is.

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