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It would also be handy if you could see who had already signed up for an event, but we do understand that this might be seen as a security risk.So, you’ve found an event you’d like to attend, what’s next?

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Live video chats might be the future of dating according to recent reports, and new Washington D. The way Spottle works is simple: you download the app, and then you can join live video chat sessions on Thursday and Saturday nights at pm eastern time.

The way it works is like an online “spin the bottle” session according to, and also acts much like a virtual speed dating event.

At the event, I find out that they combined a much older age group of men for this 32-40 year old event and did not inform me of this. Many men were well into their 40s and admitted that they had reservations about attending, and others admitted that Fastlife said they were "missing guys".

I also did not receive any follow-up to the event via e-mail either to say there were or were not matches, and they could not produce one when asked.

Events are run by professional hosts, who make sure that everything goes smoothly, as well as helping to introduce you to other members.

They are experienced socialites, able to bring people out of their shells, helping them to meet like-minded single people without making it all seem too artificial.

They will be able to go into detail about the kind of people who will attend an event, and the best way to find a match once you’re there.

Events are competitively priced, but it’s the professional, friendly team that really make the difference, particularly if you’re a little unsure of which events you’d prefer, or how to take that first step towards getting to know someone special.

Below you will find rankings based on the reviews of dating singles who have used these services.


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