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I will try to make it unisex…so that men can also relate to it…

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So with that explained, using reverse psychology to get your ex back does work if done correctly and in the right context (that is if the love/hate is still there…why do I say this?

Well because we all know that when indifference comes into the picture there is little if not nothing one can do to make the other person come back to you, they simply feel no emotion towards you).

Seeing that at some point in my life I have been on the shorter end of the stick as well i.e.

being the ‘Dumped One’, I definitely found myself asking myself this question and even gone to the extent of frantically searching the topic on the internet (Yes desperation is the main trait of the ‘Dumped One’).

Hey, Hmmm, well well well, decided to write something on how our minds and relationships connect.

However this post will focus more on the issue of breakups.The majority of the time they will then decide that you were right after all.This experiment was originally introduced in 1970 by the German psychologists, Adorno and Horkheimer and proven right.So how can you apply reverse psychology on women to attract and even turn women on?Well, when you tell a woman NOT to touch you, and she still ends up touching you anyway…why?So my theory is this, I had already told you I believe that everything that happens is as a result of what we have thought and conditioned our mind to believe.


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