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For years, Reddit relied on third-party apps for its mobile users, not launching an official Reddit app until 2016.

Since then, the race for best Reddit readers has definitely tightened up, and here are the leaders of the pack.

Reddit calls itself the front page of the internet, but it's a little more difficult than that to define to outsiders.

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Bacon Reader (Free, $1.99) Relay for Reddit is a Reddit client with a slightly funky UI that absolutely zooms and will help you zip through megathreads and especially AMAs like a pro.

Unlike most Reddit clients, it has not enabled a full-size Card view yet, but it is coming.

For instance, most Reddit apps have two or three views; Boost has 8: three Card view variants, two list views, two image-centric views, and a Swipe view, for those who want surf Reddit the way they surf Tinder.

#Swipe Right When browsing comments on a Reddit post, Boost allows you to collapse all threads to just the parent comment using the collapse all button within a Floating Action button menu.

Reddit consistently gets notifications quicker than the third-party apps using the Reddit API.

It was a minute ahead of some clients and 5-10 minutes ahead of others, but Reddit's notifications were always first, even with the notification check intervals turned up on other clients.

When replying to comments or posting a text post in Boost, the bottom bar of the window becomes a swipeable carousel of formatting, preview, and media options.

As I mentioned before, there seems to be an option in Boost for just about everything, and so it's little wonder that when you get into Boost's settings, you can get a little overwhelmed.

There are 14 sections in Boost's settings, and while each section is aptly named and somewhat easy to navigate, it is a lot to take in.

For power users, Boost's settings are a delight, you can get your link-handling preferences and media preview settings exactly the way you want to.

There are scores of things you can learn on Reddit, and you can actively kill brain cells in some of the subs.


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