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I am trying to recall what the station was, since I believe it still is operating.

Thank's to Fox, and Scrambling of Feeds for aquiring broadcast rights to the NFL, the whole system became a Scramble system with the P4V, Movie Networks, and Networks following suit.

Many various topic where covered, but most dealt with the North American aspect.

But, I'll take the polite, informative and well spoken over the slanderous, insulting and frightened anyday.

One who is offering verbal abuse, rather than offering an explaination as to how a conclusion has been obtained is one who can not be trusted.

It did not completely agree with what they had been told of their history.

Barry's review of their Scripts, and the corrections in grammer others should have considered, allowed him to translate these scripts to the point where they Elders noted this was what the Oral Traditions taught.

There is no mention of Atlantis anywhere in the ancient world until Plato brings it up in two of his dialogues. You'd be extremely hard pressed to even find the name "Fell" at any website regarding this text (unless, of course, the website is actually about Fell.) Your claim about this shyster is sounding very similar to Sitchen's claim that he is the only one in the world that can "properly" translate Sumerian cuneiform script. These links concern Fell's "work" in other areas: .. All of the above came from Doug's Archaeology Site. Harte I must admit, as I am going through this, I am really surprised that the Minoan language hasn't been deciphered and research into Nth American/ogham sites haven't been thoroughly investigated?

Also, to the other poster, I don't care what you say about Fell, he's a con man. About Fell: The following links are in reference to the very subject at hand, the Ogham script, and Fell's claims to have found it in America: .. In terms of civilization, my focus is with the bronze age.

Of course, it would depend on your definition of civilization.

Nomadic tribes chasing their cattle across the steppes, maybe. If you want to place Atlantis at 950 BC, in defiance of Plato, and without any reason, then that's your Atlantis, not Plato's.

My Personal View is they are a civilization, but thats your point, isn't it.


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