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There’s a bit more excitement on the other series, Dating in the Dark, which ABC debuted last week, and which airs Mondays at 10.Each one-off episode puts three men and three women in a house together, and they date in a pitch-black room.

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She did.–it’s pretty dull, or at least the first episode will.

Maybe it’ll get more interesting or more offensive as the season progresses, but it doesn’t seem likely.

"Dating in the Dark" is a unique alternative series that asks the age-old question, "Is Love Blind?

" Each week, three single men and three single women, all looking for love, will move into a house together, but be totally sequestered from the opposite sex.

We watch via surprisingly good night-vision cameras, and that’s occasionally funny, whether the daters are tripping or feeling each other’s faces.

In between dates, which they choose with each other after one big group date, there are various things to pass the time, like when they get to examine and smell each other’s clothes or suitcases, and talk to a sketch artist to see if their perception matches the reality.

Every reality show about overweight people focuses on helping them lose weight, but this series embraces and celebrates its stars’ weight and behavior, like the way bachelor Luke talks about eating a lot because he likes food.

One woman says, amusingly, “Who wants to look at a stick?

They also find out which potential love interest is most closely aligned to them according to personality tests.

All of this culminates in the daters actually getting to see each other in the light, but only for a moment.

While they will have no chance of seeing each other in the light, they will have the opportunity to date in a completely dark room.


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