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Trained by Anton Koolmann, Hrstich soon established himself as one of the country's up and coming stars.One of his most memorable bouts was against "The Zebra Kid" George Bollas and promoter Al Karasick speculated to the press that Hrstich would become a great drawing card.

Hrstich later travelled the road with Thesz and headlined together in tag team matches.

He also had a brief stint in Jim Crockett Promotions that summer.

Hrstich returned to the US a year later, this time farther east in Kansas City, Kansas for Central States Wrestling, where he defeated "Butcher Boy" Lee Henning at Memorial Hall on 23 April 1959.

While competing in the United States, Hrstich was billed as Dick or Ray Gordon, In the fall of that year, in the American Wrestling Association, he faced such opponents as Jack Terry, Billy Goelz, Aldo Bogni, Don Mc Clarty and Frank Townsend in the Minneapolis – Saint Paul area.

He and Billy Goelz wrestled in the opening match and fought to a 20-minute draw.

In his first two months in Pacific Northwest Wrestling, Hrstich feuded with Roy Mc Clarty though both their matches resulted in draws; he and Stan Stasiak, however, did beat Mc Clarty and Enrique Torres in a tag team match in Seattle four months later. Paired with Mike Clancy and The Great Bolo, Hrstich came out on the losing end in matches against The Assassins (Assassin #1 & Assassin #2).

He spent the spring of 1963 wrestling for Sam Muchnick and appeared in televised matches on Wrestling at the Chase.

His loss to Dick the Bruiser at the Kiel Auditorium, on 1 February 1963, signalled the start of Muchnick's "push" to make Bruiser one of the top stars in his promotion.

Dick Hrstich (10 August 1920 – 12 February 2000) was a New Zealand professional wrestler, known by his ring names Ray Hrstich and Ray Gordon, who competed in the former Yugoslavia (his native country), New Zealand, Canada, and the United States during the late 1950s and 60s.

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