Pros and cons of dating in high school gimelstob dating

You’ve grown up together, you’ve matured together, and you’ve probably been through most of the milestones of life together, like getting your driver’s licenses, turning the legal age, and going to college.

[Read: 9 relationship stages that all couples go through] #4 You learn forgiveness.

Let’s face it, we make pretty stupid mistakes when we’re young, and we learn to forgive a lot because of it. When you’ve been with someone since your youth, you get a greater sense of confidence not only in who you are personally, but who you’re able to be as a couple.

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Pros and cons of dating in high school

[Read: 15 romantic anniversary ideas to leave your love speechless] Cons #1 Your sex life, part two.

All right, so we’ve heard the joys of your sex life as married high school lovers, but here’s the downside in an easy threefold explanation: – If your sex is still bad after the first couple years, it’s not going to get any better. – In a monogamous relationship, you will only have ever had a sexual experience with one person… This means there are no sex tricks to bring into the relationship learned from past experiences.

– As with most marriages, sex can become a little monotonous.

You’ve just gotten a head start since you’ve been together since high school.

[Read: 18 emotional affair signs you probably didn’t notice] #4 Lack of mystery.

With all marriages, there is an element of mystery that takes a nosedive at some point or another. Instead of meeting in your 20s or beyond, you met in your teens, meaning there are basically no stories to share with each other, because you are probably in them already! What seemed perfect in high school may not feel like the best romantic decision later in life.

Unfortunately, your partner may not always take this evolutionary step with you. No matter how blissfully happy you may feel with your partner, unnerving questions may start to creep in, such as: What would it be like to sleep with someone else? I wish I were with someone with bigger boobs/bigger penis/better body.

Am I missing out on the college dating experiences my friends are having?

] #2 A study in the Boston Herald regarding cohabitation before marriage concluded that only a mere 21% of unmarried couples would continue living together after a 5- to 7-year period.

[Read: 6 common problems faced by couples who live together] #3 A U. Census Bureau study, along with many others, suggests that you reduce the risk of divorce by 24% by waiting until you are at least 25 years old before getting married.

#4 According to the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, 60% of young women *including high school girls* have been in an abusive relationship.


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