Pontil scars on dating glass

A pontil rod held the nearly molten bottle during the final stages of manufacture.

The scar was left when the pontil was detached from the bottle. This will be shallower, wider and more perfectly circular than a pontil mark.

pontil scars on dating glass-50

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This, and no mold seams, is another indication of a hand-blown bottle.

I have put up pictures of the lips so that the readers can see how they mold goes all the way over the top as shown below. This is different than an older hand tooled, hand blown bottle.

The pressure from the automatic machine was strong and the molds fit tight leaving only a very thin line.

The automatic bottle machine was much more precise in gathering an exact amount of glass and the same amount of glass for each bottle this consistency lead to more uniform products.

With the uniformity, came the possibility to create a solid seal with a screw cap.

The glass is rough (not sharp) around the circumference of the Owens ring.

Notice also how unlike most pontil marks, the Owens ring covers the whole base of this bottle.

One approach to helping beginner identify their old bottles involves show them the bases of old bottles.

The picture below at the left shows an iron pontil on the base jof a historical flask circa 1865.

The food and household product industries on the other hand widely adopted the screw cap quickly.


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