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The reason behind this is that the women of Cebu are certainly worth the time and effort should you decide to pursue them.

While these traditions are no longer in place nowadays, there are still some practices that keep in line with the traditional dating culture of past times.

While traditional dating practices such as the are out of style nowadays, the mentality that the man is expected to take the lead on a date with a Filipina is not.

Traditional Views on Dating and Marriage She is never to make her true feelings towards her suitor known right away until she is secure in his affections for her.

When it comes to dating, the man is expected to pursue the Filipina, and never the other way around.

As mentioned before, the dating culture and traditions of the Filipinos and in Cebu are very traditional in nature.

From chaperoned dates to long courting periods, the traditional method of courting a Filipina woman requires an endless pool of patience and a lot of effort.

There are dozens of reasons why dating a Cebu woman could be the best decision you’ll make in your life.

From her looks to her personality, Cebu women are the full package.

Although the man considers the woman's preferences, he plans everything for the date beforehand. It may be challenging for both sides, but it is the best time to know each other better.

Feel free to ask the right questions on a first date --- it may be about her family, education, work, hobbies, likes, and dislikes.

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